SPARC Spectral

Delmic SPARC Spectral

Obtain measurements quickly and analyse
data easily with our user-friendly, flexible
The SPARC Spectral system is a unique cathodoluminescence (CL) solution which allows you
to acquire high-quality CL data in a fast and simple manner. The system is flexible, modular
and can be customized according to your research needs. The hardware’s functionality can
be extended easily with current and future add-ons, while the free open-source software
constantly offers new updates and plugins. This provides the user with ample freedom to
tailor the system for specific applications and experiments.
The SPARC Spectral offers up to six different CL imaging modes allowing detailed analysis of
samples. Additionally, its broad spectral range, unsurpassed sensitivity, automated alignment
procedure and ultra flat parabolic mirror ensure the best data quality. The CL system is
compatible with SEMs from all the major brands and can be installed on a new SEM or
retrofitted to an existing SEM platform. The installation of the system is done by experienced
Delmic engineers. They explain and show the possibilities of the system to make sure you
acquire the highest quality results of the structural composition and luminescent properties.