Delmic JOLT

JOLT: panchromatic and RGB CL intensity detection

The JOLT is the youngest member of our cathodoluminescence (CL) solutions family. The JOLT is an entry-level CL-intensity detector based on state-of-the-art solid-state detectors. It comes in two variations, a panchromatic and an RGB (coloured CL) version. Adding it to your SEM can’t be easier: it is compatible with all SEM models, can be mounted on a single vacuum port and is controlled by a small software app in combination with the SEM control computer.

It is a great addition for correlative imaging with other SEM-based detectors such as backscattered electron imaging and energy-dispersive x-ray imaging, capable of providing more insight into your sample’s properties. It is perfect for those who are working with and studying geological samples, semiconductors and other materials.