PillarHall LHAR4

Test Chip LHAR4

PillarHall® test chips enable easy, fast and accurate way to characterize thin film pr...


  • ALD and CVD process development
  • Precursor and new process R&D
  • Atomic layer etching (ALE) development
  • Engineering processes for certain high aspect ratio 3D device structures
  • Kinetic modelling of ALD, CVD and ALE
  • Process quality control and assurance


  • Customer-neutral and accessible test structures
  • Save time and costs using conventional surface analysis tools instead of electron microscopy cross-sections
  • Record-high aspect ratios (10 000:1) to quantify figure-of-merits for conformality
  • Submicrometer limiting dimensions define the molecular flow regime relevant for modelling
  • Accurate and reliable information for quality assurance and fundamental process characterization
  • Wide compatibility to various conditions (temperature, pressure, IC cleanliness)